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Your Place To
Sweat. Work. Achieve.

Our facility is a place to sweat it out, work hard, and achieve your fitness dreams. But it’s also a place to embrace a friendly environment, motivating teammates and positive vibes. With simple, back-to-basic exercises and semi-private training sessions, your goals will get one step closer at our facility.

We offer an open, and inviting facility where you'll feel encouraged to achieve your goals

  • We are a completely private facility when you are with our personal training program 
  •  Private washrooms, 
  • NO membership fee, 
  • Towels supplied, 
  • Kitchen for storage and reheating food 
  • NO drop-in fees 
  • 100% Access to your personal trainer


This is where you ask us about pricing and schedules, and we will break down the process for you step by step. We'll learn about your goals, limitations, past training and dieting experience.
During this stage, we will ensure that your expectations and our program are a perfect fit!

Day One

We will welcome you to the gym, provide an orientation and introduce you to your trainers. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, and confident! The we get going. Throughout your workout we will be able to review mobility issues, and areas that might need more attention. You'll be working hard, but safe! You'll be sharing a space with people who have been working out for 20 years, and some who have never seen the inside of a gym before - nobody here will be paying attention to how fit, or un-fit you are. Everyone's goal is the same: to work hard, and feel good.


99% of your results will come from compliance and consistency. All you need to do is show up, you hire us to provide safe and effective training geared towards your goals. Simply bring your effort, and focus to each and every session and you'll see results. We make the process even easier by offering a flexible schedule that fits into your life.


Our hope for you after working with us for a while is that you will begin to envision yourself in a different light. You aren't just working out, you prioritize exercise and fitness. Your aren't just following a diet, you are making healthy choices. A transformation is not just changing the way you look. It is gaining confidence in yourself. Transformations are just as much about your mental shift as they are about the physical change.

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