Online Personal Coaching

It's like having a Personal Trainer
in your pocket!

 Listen, you can go get a workout program and meal plan from anywhere…that is NOT what this is. This is NOT a “Here is your program and meal plan, e-mail me if you have questions, now see ya later” – kind of program.

We can only take so many online personal coaching clients at once and the reason is that we devote A LOT of time to you. We communicate frequently, we check in often, we hold you accountable, and we come up with an easy-to-execute plan for YOU and YOU alone.

What To Expect From
Online Personal Coaching

Embracing healthy habits is easier with online coaching. Via our interactive desktop or mobile platform, you can communicate with our Calgary personal trainers anywhere and anytime. They’ll support you with technique advice, check-in with weekly summaries, answer any questions and communicate face-to-face. Immediately accessible, our online personal trainers will help you develop the motivation and mindset to maintain these new healthy habits!

On-line Personal Training

Who Benefits from Online Coaching?


Your schedule is always changing, you're balancing a career, kids and family while trying to find time for your health and wellness.You want an easy to follow program, and a coach who's available on your schedule to provide encouragement and accountability.


You need direction and guidance. You've signed up for gym memberships only to find yourself overwhelmed or intimidated by the environment. You know that nutrition plays a huge role in getting fit, and strong, but don't have any idea where to start. You need a coach to keep you motivated, and on track..


Fitness and nutrition has always been a part of your life, but your motivation has started waning, or you've plateaued and don't know how to disrupt your routine in order to break through and achieve more.

Client Wins


Having an online coach shouldn’t break the bank. Some online programs out there charge ridiculous prices for generic programming and unsustainable nutrition advice. We make sure to keep our pricing affordable while still providing the best service out there.

Your program will be accessible through the True Coach app. It will be designed based on your goals, equipment, space, and schedule. It will also progress and change on a 3 – 4 week basis to make sure you are always pushing yourself and progressing along.

There any many ways we do nutrition coaching since there is no one-size-fits-all
here. For some people it might be working on building good nutritional habits, for others it might be detailed tracking of their macros…it all depends. However, to start, you will do one week of meal journalling in the app in order for us to get a sense of what an average week of eating looks like and from there we will have a better idea of which direction we should take.

Weekly to Bi-Weekly check-ins – 15-minute check-in calls to make sure we are on track and eliminate any confusion about what we are working on. We also communicate frequently via the chat feature and comments on the workouts.
Communication is very important in the program.

Each exercise in your program has a demonstration video linked to it so you always know what we are looking for when it comes to proper form. In addition, when more form coaching is needed, we will ask for a video of you performing the exercise. This will alow us to give you feedback in order for you to make the right adjustments for your next workout. 

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